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Empowering women athletes through evidence-based sports nutrition coaching

We offer services to improve performance, health, and our relationships with food and body in a structured yet flexible manner. Whether you’re a full time athlete, weekend warrior, or simply engaging in regular physical activity for mental and physical health, we are here for you.

Our Service Plans

All plans are subscription based and billed monthly on date of purchase.

Fundamental Plan

$90-135 / Month
$50 Startup Fee
Gentle nutrition guidance for young athletes and those sensitive to numbers.

Advanced Plan

$145-185 / Month
$50 Startup Fee
Personalized nutrition coaching + custom fueling guides, all the information you need with coaching and goal setting to apply and live it.

Ultimate Plan

$270-310 / Month
$50 Startup Fee
Personalized nutrition coaching + hyper-personalized meal plans for every day, all you have to do is make the food and eat the food.

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What does evidence based sports nutrition mean?

“The process of asking questions, systematically finding research evidence, and assessing its validity, applicability and importance to food and nutrition practice decisions” in context of the athlete's values and goals. Below are our top asked questions.

What is an athlete-centered approach?
Every athlete is unique and so is the guidance, education, and support we provide. We teach you the info and skills and help you put it all into practice. As athletes ourselves, we get it. Our priorities are you and accomplishing your goals.
What are the positive benefits from working with us?
Improved overall quality of life: optimized performance, accelerated recovery, food confidence, more energy throughout the day, improved sleep, stronger immunity (less often sick), better gut health and less GI symptoms, and more.
Do you need to be a pro athlete to work with us?
No. The only requirement to work with us is that you are physically active (or getting back to it). Anyone who moves their body in an intentional way is an athlete. We love working with athletes of all types and pursuits from the weekend warrior to the Olympian.
Ayesha Mcgowan
World-Tour Cyclist

“Kristen was essential in helping me navigate some very frustrating nutritional challenges, I felt more empowered, informed, and at ease with each session.”

Our Belief

We believe that sports are one of the most effective ways for women to empower themselves and others. When we combine engaging in sports/physical activity, striving towards balanced relationships with our bodies and food, and performance-focused nutrition habits we are liberated and empowered.

By delving into evidence-based performance nutrition strategies and reevaluating our thoughts about food and our bodies, we can improve ourselves and our communities. This includes enhancing physical performance and fostering empathy and mindful communication.

Kristen Arnold and Team started as a small sports nutrition private practice where Kristen worked with just a few athletes a month while pursuing her professional cycling career. Now KA and Team has grown to include multiple practitioners who share her passion for empowering women. We work with athletes from the pro to the recreational ranks to show them that through optimal sports nutrition strategies they can accomplish more than they ever thought was possible of themselves and feel great in their bodies.

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