The Sports Nutrition for Women E-Course
by Kristen Arnold and Team

Unlock peak performance and empower your athletic journey with our Sports Nutrition for Women E-course. This course is for active women looking for evidence-based information that’s relevant, practical, and easy to digest (pun intended). With so much mis-information out there, we wanted to create a resource for women that they can trust is credible and relevant for them. The topics in this course are informed by our experiences working with active women in our nutrition coaching practice, on the trail/field/course/pitch/mat/track as coaches, and as active women ourselves.

E Courses

Topics Included

  • Energy, Macros, and Everyday Eating
  • RED-S and Energy Availability
  • Fueling for Optimal Performance around Training and Competition
  • Hydration: Your Missing Link to Success
  • Supplements and Ergogenic Aids for Women Athletes
  • The Menstrual Cycle and Working with your Body
  • Intuitive Eating for All Athletes
  • Happy Tummies, Gut Health, and Preventing GI symptoms during daily life and activity

Sports Specific Add-Ons

  • Gravel Cycling
  • Road Cycling
  • Triathlon
  • Half Marathon and Marathon Running
  • Ultra Running and Trail Running
  • Fitness and Strength for Life

Life Stage Specific Add-Ons

  • Girls (pre-puberty)
  • Teenage Girls
  • Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Peri and Post Menopause


  • 8, 30-40minute instructional video presentations (knowledge and practical guidance/tips)
  • Worksheets and info sheets to accompany each module/topic
  • Over 30 recipes for fueling during and around activity (in fun recipe cards)
  • A private Facebook group to engage with other students and the Kristen Arnold and Team practitioners
  • Exclusive discounts on working with Kristen Arnold and Team practitioners for one-on-one sports nutrition coaching
  • Citation list and resources for further deep diving and knowledge
  • Add-on Modules (video presentation and worksheet) for further customization to your needs (sport, life stage, etc)
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