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Athletes excelling in their sport and optimizing their performance and health through nutrition with us.

“Learning fueling best practices from Kristen has helped me to uplevel my training—with her nutritional adjustments, I have more energy when I need it most and have been able to increase my capacity in several different areas. I will definitely take these learnings with me wherever I go!”

Danielle Saldanha, Professional Boxer

“Working with Kristen has helped me shape the way that I eat around training and racing to maximize my performance and stay healthy through training, racing, and travel!”

Olivia Cummins, Professional Road & Track Cyclist

“I’ve been working with Kristen over the past couple of years, and I’ve made huge amounts of progress, as well as increasing my ability to get the proper nutrition to fuel myself effectively for my sport!”

Kaya Rand, Professional and D1 Tennis Player

“Kristen was essential in helping me navigate some very frustrating nutritional challenges, I felt more empowered, informed, and at ease with each session.”

Ayesha Mcgowan, World-Tour Cyclist

“Working with Kristen has helped me nourish my body to feel at its very best when I need it in the most crucial parts of practice and performance.”

Katie Mcbeath, Professional Figure Skater

“With Kristen’s expertise and patience, I am training and competing at the next level or more (and feeling at least ten years younger!) her fueling and hydration plan are definitely the foundation for this enhanced performance! Thank-You, Kristen!”

Debbie Hammond, National-level Master’s Track and Field Athlete and Texas TITANS Track Head Coach
Working with Kristen was amazing!  She developed a training and race day nutrition plan that prepared me to get my personal best, an AG win and top 10 finish in a large international race!  She helped me see the value of properly fueling my training to enable my best results!
Thanks Kristen!  I will definitely be back!
Susan Haid

“I have worked with Kristen who helped me get back on track in terms of dialing in nutrition for my 24 hour event and life in general. She was super friendly and informative and never made me feel shame with my food issues. Always there to answer questions and give me guidance plus provided yummy and easy to prepare meal plans. I would recommend her if you are an athlete wanting to dial in nutrition or just someone wanting help with food issues. “

Mina Borromeo
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