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Sports Nutrition for Women E-Course

The Sports Nutrition for Women E-Course by Kristen Arnold and Team


Unlock peak performance and empower your athletic journey with our sports nutrition for women E-course



We are super excited to bring you the Sports Nutrition for Women E-course. Created by our Registered Dietitians and Nutritionist and informed by our expertise and experiences as practitioners, researchers, athletes, teammates, coaches, moms, sisters, and more. With so much misinformation out there, we wanted to create a resource for women that they can trust is credible, relevant for them, and with practical guidance they can easily apply to optimize their health and performance through nutrition.

See the module topics, add-on options, and more info here.

What will taking the E-course look like?

The SNFW E-course is self-paced so you can complete it and work through it on your own time and schedule. Each topic includes an instructional video presentation by someone from the KA and Team with a worksheet or info sheet to accompany it. The worksheets are designed to be filled out and completed by you either during or after the video presentation so you are actively applying the information to your lifestyle and needs. For example, the Fueling for Optimal Performance around Training and Competition worksheet is a fillable doc where you can outline a fueling plan for a day of training for yourself, depending on what your training looks like that day. You also have the opportunity to ask questions, bounce off ideas, and discuss topics with the KA and Team practitioners and other students in the E-course in our private Facebook group. You will have access to the Facebook group and its community of active women and supporters indefinitely from the day of purchase. On top of that we have other goodies such as over 30 recipe cards, a citation and resource list, and discounts on working with KA and Team one-on-one for sports nutrition coaching.

What are the intended outcomes from applying the information in this course?

  • Optimal performance in training and competition
    • Consistency
    • Hitting good numbers (reps, weight, time, speed, watts, heart rate etc)
    • Feeling good (energized, motivated, powerful, ‘good legs’, mental acuity, focused)
    • Recovery between training sessions
  • Energy throughout the day
  • Staying healthy (sick less often and with less severity)
  • Optimal body composition for you
  • Gaining and maintaining muscle
  • Avoiding injury
  • Healthy relationships with food
  • Happy tummies (less GI distress during and outside of exercise)
  • High-quality sleep
  • Knowledge about your body
  • Confidence in your fueling

Who is this E-course for?

Active women and those who support active women.

You do not need to be a serious or professional athlete to gain valuable knowledge and guidance from this course. The concepts in this course apply to anyone who engages in regular physical activity. That being said, we do address the needs of athletes who engage in high volume and or high intensity training plans and competition schedules as well as those who simply exercise on a regular basis.

What’s Included in the E-course?

8, 30-40 minute instructional video presentations (knowledge and practical guidance/tips)
Worksheets and info sheets to accompany each module/topic
Over 30 recipes for fueling in and around activity (in fun recipe cards)
A private Facebook group to engage with other students and the Kristen Arnold and Team practitioners
Exclusive discounts on working with Kristen Arnold and Team practitioners for one-on-one sports nutrition coaching
Add-ons for further customization to your needs (sport, life stage etc)

What if my sport or life stage isn’t an available add-on?

Let us know! If you have or are planning to purchase the SNFW E-course we would be happy to discuss making a module for your sport, life stage, or need. Chances are your sport or life stage will apply to other athletes who purchase the E-course.

Add-ons we plan to create in the next 12 months: Trans-Women Athletes, XC and Track Running, Ironman, Crossfit, Recovery from Soft Tissue Injury (ligament, cartilage, tendon)

How did you choose the topics?

The topics in this E-course were informed by Kristen Arnold and Team’s experiences and conversations with active women as practitioners, coaches, teammates, athletes, moms, colleagues, and sisters. We cover topics we think active women and those who care about them need to know, as well as listening to what you all have told us you want to learn more about.

We are so excited to bring this awesome resource to active women we are passionate about empowering, educating, and supporting.

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